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Score box betting is a form of betting based on the house’s odds frame providing the scores of both teams. The player must choose the correct score to win. The way to play score box is suitable for new members participating in betting because it is simpler and easier to choose bets than other forms of betting. 90jili will help you understand score box more deeply.

Form of playing score box betting in football

Score box bet is a bet to get the exact score of two teams competing against each other. This type does not require people to centralize to find the exact number, but the house will provide the score and odds. corresponding to make it easy for players to catch. Score box is used in betting on many sports competitions of both teams such as volleyball, basketball and the most widely known is still soccer.

The form of playing score box in soccer is very familiar to newbie bettors, they can easily visualize the odds when betting. Joining the house to play score box betting, players will have a chance to win big due to the very high accuracy requirements, however this bet is considered high risk so players must bet the appropriate amount. .

Criteria that need to be met when participating in score box bets on the betting website

The score box at betting websites provides standard criteria for players to meet each time they participate, thereby ensuring transparency and openness when betting. Before entering the betting game, players need to be knowledgeable about basic football rules, understand a bit about the situation of the teams, and be able to evaluate players to make betting choices that are likely to win.

Verify your account and understand the score box betting rules

Bettors who come to the bookmaker and choose to play the score box bet must first carry out the account verification procedures according to the bookmaker’s order of registering, logging in and authenticating the account with a phone number. You need to deposit money for betting to take place quickly right after selecting the bet and the successful score rate.

The odds of participating in score box betting will reflect the reward you receive when you win or the amount you have to give to the house if you lose the bet. The score box betting category allows players to bet on each half such as the first half and second half, but the most popular is still betting on the entire match.

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Illustration of calculating score box bets

We will specifically analyze and illustrate how to calculate bets when playing score box betting in the easiest way for you to understand when betting on soccer through the match between two teams, Man United and Man City, in the English Premier League. , if you choose the home team Man United, there will be the following results:

If the match results in a draw, your Odds ratio will be 0.00, meaning you break even and do not lose your bet.

If you bet $100 for MU to win by 1 goal, your Odds ratio is 1.40, total bonus is $100 x 1.40 = $140.

If you bet $100 for MU to win by 2 or more goals, your Odds ratio is 4.13, total bonus is $100 x 4.13 = $413.

If the MU team loses to MC with a difference of 1 goal, then you will lose the bet amount of 100$ x -2.01 = 201$, similarly with a difference of 2 goals, you will lose the amount of bet 100$ x -5.92 = 592 $.

Statistical table of score box handicap ratio of two teams, Man United and Man City

The secret to betting on the score box is that any team will win big

90jili’s secret skillful way of catching score box bets that not every bettor knows is to use the house’s betting method to evaluate which bets are good to bet on and which bets have a high risk of losing so you should avoid them. Every score box player must choose a reputable betting site that is licensed and has a good history of reviews and accumulation from previous participants. This ensures that you are treated fairly and safely.

Use statistics and sports data updated on the bookmaker’s official website or reputable sports forums to support the decision to bet the score box on which team has the better performance. . Players collect score statistics, winning results and the strengths and performance of each team to predict the results of score box bets in the near future.

Evaluating score box bets on sports betting websites is very important because then players can directly compare the advantages and disadvantages of each bookmaker and find the appropriate betting point for themselves. .

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